Playful Spirit - Licensed Childcare

Our preschool music program provides a unique and effective way to reach children of all backgrounds, developmental levels, and learning styles. We offer colorful, exciting developmentally appropriate themes and play activities, each providing the groundwork for building language, literacy, math, social-emotional skills and so much more!

FUN for all-ages!

• Big outdoor playground
• Children’s musical classroom
• Daily group sports and physical literacy
• Arts and crafts
• Joyful, active early learning
• Daily use of ASL sign-language for vocabulary
• Mindful, easy-going parenting community
• Minimal screen-time and educational programs only
• Kids learn independence, mastery of skills
• 7:1 or 7:2 ratio of adults to children
• Occasional field trips
• Daycare pets
• Dynamic, exciting playgroup

Our Mission Statement

We are offer children a warm, dynamic and inspiring learning environment where they feel safe to get messy and make mistakes! Our qualified staff take time for connection, conversation and training to foster a lifelong love of learning!

Play Video
Play Video

Please email with the following information: Your Childs name/DOB, your requests for care such as full or part time, and your hopeful start date. Thank you!