We used to live in an old remodelled school bus BK (before kids)🚌…

back when I usually dragged him out to big parties on nights like New Year’s Eve, but this one year was completely different…

We had just got engaged that thanksgiving and were sooo in love ♥️ The wood stove he installed in the bus was raging and Dan had been working all day and had knodded off before the party. I looked over at him fast asleep 💤 and had a big emotional realization….

I would never need anything or anyone again for the rest of my life 💍 Only this gorgeous man to cut the firewood and love me for the little hippy girl I am. So, I put back on my pjs and wrote this song. At midnight, I woke him up with a kiss and played it for him 💋

Happy New Years to you all! Here’s to your fresh start this 2023! Don’t underestimate the power of priorities ♥️


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