Baby #3 Scare

Well, here it is…the dreaded baby #3 scare! I’m eight days late and omg, I’m freaking out! My thoughts say “My hands are full enough, thank you! Last thing I need is to do all that all over again!” 😱 As you may know, I run a home daycare and after-school program with a total […]

Face Painting Joy!

Making face painting dreams come true…one child at a time! I get so much joy out of making each child’s own choice come true. It doesn’t matter what silly or fun thing they come up with, my answer is always “YES I can do that!” There’s not much in their world kids get to pick […]

First children’s book!

I am over-joyed to announce the coming of my first children’s book “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” for sale next year on Amazon. One of my original #teachablesongsforkids This easy-to-sing message gets the idea of consensual/safe touch through to little ones in a fun and musical way! Each ebook, audiobook and paperback will come with […]

New Years Night – Emily Goodwin Original Song

We used to live in an old remodelled school bus BK (before kids)🚌… back when I usually dragged him out to big parties on nights like New Year’s Eve, but this one year was completely different… We had just got engaged that thanksgiving and were sooo in love ♥️ The wood stove he installed in […]

Farmers Market in Campbell River Sun 10-2 June-Sept

Music is life, that’s why our hearts have beats ❤️🥁 When I sing, I totally channel my emotions and the effect feels so amazing in body/mind/spirit 😍🎶🎸 Every year when the cold of winter is over, I am so grateful to join our community Farmers Market. I love to face paint the kids and sing […]